Nuffsaid SPACE Face Masks - 12 in 1 Multi-functional Face Mask Space, Scarf, Headwear, Headband, Neck Gaiter, Bandanna, Balaclava


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Stay protected from sun and dust while you are out on your adventures! Whether that be hiking, camping, running, biking, motorcycle cruising, long walks on the beach, gardening, and basically anything indoor and out!

Designed to wear in 12+ different ways: A face mask, bandanna, headband, balaclava, beanie, wristband, hairband, neck gaiter, hood, head wrap, neckerchief, and any way you can dream up!

Made from 100% Super soft microfiber polyester that is breathable, very stretchy and fits most head sizes to keep you comfy no matter what you are doing.

Due to the nature of these items being worn on the face and in interest of promoting public health during these trying times, we are unable to accept returns for these. However, if there is an issue with your order, please reach out, so we can resolve that issue asap. Thank you!